What are you afraid of?

I like trying new things. It’s funny, I’m a creature of habit and love traditions but I value efficiency and communication even more. The biggest reasons I use social media are to stay connected, network, learn new things, and be involved. Plus, I find sharing and learning on all of these sites fun!

Why are people hesitant or sometimes even afraid to use social media in the workplace? As Eric Stoller says, it’s just another tool for communicating. Like a phone and a fax machine. I’m interested in the idea that personality type affects reluctance to use or share on some sites. Or is it just reluctance to change?

The negative attitude I try to discourage is reluctance to use the site at work because they are afraid of what they might find. Don’t avoid Twitter because you don’t want to see what people are tweeting about your program, office, etc. Search for it, address it, and make the changes that students want.

What do you think affects comfort level with social media? How do you encourage or nudge people to not only create accounts (whether personal or work-related) but also engage with the audience just like another communication tool?

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