Watch the World Cup

Maybe you are one of my friends who has complained about the World Cup “bandwagon” over the past few weeks. There are a lot of you, trust me, so I am not trying to single one person out. Instead, I want to give you some motivation to change your attitude and watch the United States-Germany World Cup game tomorrow. Well…as long as your boss says it’s okay, use this note if you need to.

America is getting excited about soccer games and there is nothing wrong with that. Actually, it makes sense. The number of youth soccer players has been growing exponentially since the mid-80s, and individuals are growing up with personal soccer experience. Even if you didn’t play soccer, you probably have friends that did. In 1980 there were about 800,000 annual youth soccer registrations, in 1985 there were just over 1 million youth soccer registrations, and in 2000 that number broke 3 million. (source) My friend put it eloquently in a recent Facebook post and I wanted to share his words, instead of trying to write something myself.

“To any of you out there finding yourself criticizing how excited everyone is getting over the World Cup, consider that people look for opportunities to be excited and proud for something, especially given the not-so-inspiring and not-so-proud things we constantly see in the news. Let us be excited — even obsessed a little. How does this hurt anything? How does this have any impact at all on you? If anything, join us — bask in this excitement and see if it puts a smile on your face. I promise, it will provide a smile a lot quicker than your cynicism.” – Mike Dilbeck, Response Ability

The World Cup only happens every four years. Yes, some people are hardcore fans and some people are only fans during the World Cup, or only when their country is playing. But what I’m telling you is it does not matter. World Cup fever is fun and exciting, and much better then the typical news story on my timeline or newsfeed. Celebrate! Be happy! And GO USA!!!


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