Three Goals for Runners

My first half marathon (the Athens Half) is one week away! For the past 11 weeks I have followed a training plan¬†adapted from Hal Higdon. I recommend his training plans if you are looking to get into running or step your training up a notch. Those plans are great, plus I also just love following plans in general. (It’s the J in my Myers-Briggs…)

Athens Road Runners at Sanford Stadium

12 m group run with ARR!

As the half is coming up I have been thinking about my goals. It really helps me to set goals for projects, running, and life. To work on setting goals for my first half-marathon I talked to my dad and learned “DT’s three goals for beginner/new runners”:

1) Finish – The first goal is to finish the race. The philosophy is that as a beginner running a race distance for the first time, the goal of finishing is an amazing accomplish in itself.

2) Realistic goal – The second goal is a goal that you are pretty confident you can meet. It is a goal that feels comfortable given how your training is going. This is good for those (AKA: me) who like to feel confident about their ability to meet a goal.

3) Stretch goal – The stretch goal is one that would be a challenge to meet. It is a goal that can be met if you run your best, but does require a lot of factors coming together.

Using DT’s guidelines for goal-planning, here are my goals for the 2013 Athens Half:

1) Finish the race
2) Sub 2:10 half-marathon
3) Sub-2 hour half-marathon

What is your running goal philosophy? Do you have any current running or fitness goals? I am excited to run my first half marathon in one week!

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