Greensboro, NC

“I grew up with a general understanding of money – I have always known the importance of paying off credit cards each month, of having emergency savings, of holding a diversity of accounts to improve your credit score, etc.  However, I never paid much attention to what I was spending. Though I knew I shouldn’t be spending everything I made, the instant gratification of swiping my credit card definitely took precedence in my life. I tried (and failed) many times to adhere to a monthly budget before I started working with Chandler.  It took a few months using Mint to really build an understanding of my spending, but it honestly turned into a fun challenge – almost like a game – once I got the hang of it.  Chandler helped me set an initial achievable budget for the first few months, and as I became more comfortable, my financial goals became more aggressive.  Although even now every month isn’t perfect, I appreciate Chandler’s “flexible spending” philosophies that allow me to pull back in one area if I go over in another.  Chandler has made tracking my finances easy instead of stressful, and I cannot thank her enough for all of her expertise!”