Thermoball Jacket Review

The first product the The North Face selected for me to review is the Women’s Momentum Thermoball Hybrid Jacket. They chose this jacket based on a survey I filled out about my lifestyle.

Never one place always one jacket

Initial thoughts when opening up the package: this color looks familiar.

Jacket image

Does it remind you of anything? It’s not a color that I would pick out on my own but it is nice to have a unique color when most of my jackets are black.

This jacket is very lightweight and feels thin, but it has kept me warm every time I have worn it. The sleeves are stretchy so it is good for walking around or being active on a cool day. It definitely does not feel bulky. Over the past few weeks I wore it out shopping as well as in between innings at kickball games.

sitting in jacket at dinner

On Saturday I tested the jacket out on my first run! It was about 35 degrees outside and I went out for a quick 3 mile spin. The jacket’s tight fit makes it perfect for running or other activities. The zip-up pockets are perfect for gloves or snacks/tissues you might carry on a run. I was almost too warm wearing this jacket for 3 miles at 35 degrees. I can already tell the Thermoball jacket with a short sleeve shirt will be my go-to choice for a run when the temperature is below freezing.

I love this jacket and definitely recommend it to others. There are many Thermoball options on the site, but I recommend the momentum style if you are looking for one you can wear while running. My only critique of the jacket I received is the color – I am not a fan of this Parlour Purple color. Baby Bop anyone?


Thanks for reading! Try out a thermoball jacket for yourself and never stop exploring.


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from The North Face for testing purposes.

TNF Locals

I am very excited to share that in August I became an official ambassador for The North Face brand!

Invitation to join TNF Locals

I am ecstatic about the opportunity to be part of this program and look forward to representing The North Face as an ambassador. My Athens Road Runners shirt is one of my favorites – comfortable and lightweight – and it is The North Face brand so I look forward to testing out more of their products.

Chandler at Sweat Hope 5K

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more about the program and my thoughts on the Thermoball jacket I received last week! If this post peaked your interest, I think they are still accepting applications – apply through the link on their Twitter profile.

Do you have any gear from The North Face for running? What would you recommend? I need to add to my current collection!