2014 Goal Recap

2014 was my second year setting specific goals to accomplish over the span of 12 months. 2014 was also a year of change and transition; I graduated from the University of Georgia with my master’s in education, moved back to North Carolina, and accepted a job at Elon University. I am proud of what I accomplished and excited to build off this success in 2015!

It turns out that 900 miles was a very ambitious goal for 2014. I finished the year with 780 total miles. The Athens Road Runners group was part of my Georgia family, and it was hard to leave them at the end of graduate school. I also miss my best friend and running partner, Evan. We used to run together 3-4 times a week and those daily story rant sessions were the highlight of my week.

When I moved to Greensboro, I found a wonderful community of runners called the Downtown Dashers. We run together twice a week and meeting them at 5 am has become part of my weekly routine. In December I started running with a new friend – Meg – and really enjoy getting to know her on the miles we spend together! Running has changed from a solo to social activity for me.

Completed 2 half marathons:


City of Oaks Finisher Picutre
City of Oaks with Karrah

Mistletoe finisher picture
Mistletoe Half Marathon with my dad!

For the majority of the year I worked out four times a week, but I did not go to the gym once a week as planned. Strength training is missing from my life and I plan to make it more of a focus this year.

Blogging was consistent in 2014 until I moved and started my new job (you see a pattern here yet?). I sent at least 5 handwritten notes a month and really enjoyed it. Now that I have friends all over the country I enjoy taking time out of a busy week to send them a handwritten note.

One of my graduation presents was a Kindle that I absolutely love, and it really helped me meet my goal to read more this year. I exceeded my goal of 12 books by reading 15 in 2014. Most of this reading happened after graduation.

The best thing about 2014 is the fact that I met all of my professional goals. I started at Elon (in the functional area and region that I was searching for) the first week of June. I also finished the Strong Signals curriculum with CAMPUSPEAK and facilitated 3 workshops – it’s hard to believe how much has happened in the last 12 months!

2014 was an incredible year. How did you do with your goals for last year? Post in the comments and let’s celebrate 2014 together. Thanks for reading!


App Review: Road ID

Does your significant other worry when you are on a training run? Do your friends check in with you about workouts? Are you a little uneasy about training alone?

The Road ID app provides a simple and easy way to give friends and family peace of mind. My mom usually worries when I go for a run alone, but thanks to Road ID I am able to send her a link to track me during the whole run! All athletes (runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers, etc.) should use the Road ID app when they go out for a workout. Log on to the app, choose how long you expect your workout to last, and personalize your message. I use something pretty simple: “Going for a run”

Road ID screen shot image

Road ID uses eCrumbs (electronic breadcrumbs) to track you on your run. Pick loved ones and they are sent a text with a link to a map for tracking. You can also set up a stationary alert that notifies your contacts if you stop moving for five minutes.

My dad, mom, and step-dad receive a text with a link to track me on my workout. Below shows you the summary screen that you click as you get started. During the run (or bike ride, hike, walk, etc.) you can quickly add 5 minutes if you think it will take longer than you originally predicted.

Road ID screen shot to start eCrumb screen

At the end of the workout, you “stop eCrumb” and you’re done! Unfortunately the app does not notify your contacts that you have finished training, but they can go into the link and see that you are done. My dad uses this when he goes out on long rides and it really is helpful, especially if you are wondering when someone will be returning home. The app has been in Beta testing lately so it is not perfect but it’s definitely a good solution and compliment to the Road ID I wear when I am running. You never know what could happen and  it is always good to be safe.

Do you take any safety precautions when you train? Try out the Road ID app and let me know what you think!


Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox

Last month I received an amazing VoxBox from Influenster and Victoria’s Secret. The VoxBox included leggings and a sports bra for me to test as well as 25% off coupons to share with friends. I was really excited to try this VS Sport Line because I’m always looking for more running gear!

Victoria's Secret Vox Box

The Knockout Leggings are comfortable – they fit true to size and are a unique color (not your typical black).

The Incredible sports bra is nice because it can be purchased by bra size instead of small, medium, and large. In my experience it fits true to size, but unfortunately the shoulder straps are not adjustable. I have tiny shoulders and almost always need adjustable straps. I will probably not wear this on a run because it falls down my shoulders.

I first tested out the leggings while running a yard sale. They also fit true to size (I’m a medium) and didn’t fall down while I was walking around.

VS Sport Leggings at yard sale

They worked great and were comfortable for the light walking during the yard sale. I definitely plan to try them on a run when it gets colder outside. Now the down side…after a few hours I realized that the seam was coming undone.Leggings seam rip

I am disappointed that the seam on a brand new pair of leggings would get messed up. Especially when I was not even wearing these on moderate or high activity like a run. I cut the string off and hope to not have any more issues, but am definitely hesitant about the quality now that I ran into these issues my first time wearing the pants.

Do you own any Victoria’s Secret Sport gear? What did you think? I will definitely consider purchasing some next time I need workout gear. Thanks Influenster for sending me the VS Sport VoxBox to test!




Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

App Review: Strava

Happy National Running Day 2014! Join me in celebrating with a run today and read more at runningday.org. Today seems like the perfect day to tell you how I am currently tracking my miles…

I run to reach my goals. National Running Day 2014

Strava is my new favorite app (website) for logging my training and running. Before I got my Garmin watch I used Nike+, and I loved that Nike allowed me to track miles on shoes. I thought that I had written a blog post about how much I loved Nike+ but apparently I never did. Nike+ is awesome and what I would use if I didn’t have a Garmin. I miss it sometimes but I also love having a watch! I also tried Dailymile and Garmin Connect for tracking miles but I have complaints about both. Dailymile is not very user friendly and I could not figure out how to automatically load from my Garmin to Dailymile. I had to upload it manually from the website or mobile site. My biggest complaint about Garmin Connect is that there is not a place to track shoe mileage (I don’t think Dailymile has this feature either). Shoe mileage is one of the most important things for runners to know! These are just a few of the reasons that Nike+, Dailymile, and Garmin Connect were not right for me.

Which leads me to Strava…I learned about Strava because someone created a club for Athens Road Runners. Strava was created for athletes, and I definitely think it is more popular in the bike community, but it works great for runners. I am using Strava to do two important things for my training: track shoe mileage and track my miles and compare miles to friends (Evan) and groups (Athens Road Runners). Strava is very easy to use and upload data from my Garmin watch. There is also a Strava app that will let you track running or cycling from your phone.

Another exciting feature of the app is people can add “segments” and Strava knows if I run those segments based on GPS data. I ran at Salem Lake and it automatically added me to a leaderboard for a Strava segment, which I think is really cool! There are other features that are available with a premium account, but currently I am using the free version and it is doing everything I need it to.

So now the only thinking lacking about my new favorite run app is more people to connect with and follow their training. Please, join me on Strava and lets track our training together!