App Review: Habit List

After last year’s success, I am firmly committed to the philosophy of setting goals instead of resolutions. A lot of people believe that goals are more successful than resolutions; a quick Google search reveals that I am not revolutionary at all in writing about this or using this philosophy.

My success towards achieving my yearly goals usually depends on my ability to keep track of my progress. Sometimes I cross things off on a piece of paper, but recently I have found certain apps help me keep track of my progress. I use MyFitnessPal for my eating habits, dailymile for tracking mileage, and Evernote for all sorts of random things.

This post is going to be about one of my favorite apps for tracking my daily and weekly goals: Habit List

I love Habit List because of the simple design and ability to send me reminders for certain things. I currently have 3 goals set up on Habit List:

Habit List image

The green items are daily goals and the grey is weekly. I use it to remind me every night to take my asthma and iron medicine (if you’re wondering what that is). It adds up for consecutive days in a row (so in the post above I have gone 10 consecutive days taking medicine!)

My workout goal is set to 4 times a week, so every day I workout I check the goal and after I check it off 4 days in one week it goes away from my screen until the week starts over. I like this feature because it is holding me accountable to working out my minimum of four days a week. The image below is what my Habit List looks like when I have already worked out four times in one week.

Habit List Image

Also, Habit List provides weekly and monthly stats to check your completion rate:

Habit list percentages

Last year when I stopped using Habit List I stopped taking my daily iron supplements. I learned it is important for me to use this to hold myself accountable. Have you ever used Habit List (or a similar app)? I hope you will give it a try! Do you have other suggestions for apps I should try? Let me know!


30/30 – app review

I am a huge fan of productivity applications. It might be is my favorite category in the App Store. Productivity apps and other strategies that help with planning are a “treat” for an “out-of-control” J.

30 for 30 example 2So what is 30/30? It’s a task manager application that helps manage time! This app is the way that I stay focused on class reading assignments and projects but also find time for things that can quickly become “time suckers” such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or blogging.

30/30 is the perfect productivity tool on weekends or days when I have multiple hours and need to devote time to many different projects. I set up a few time rotations based on what I want to get done during the day. When I first started using this app, I realized how much more time I was tempted to spend online (sending emails, searching Twitter, etc.) before going back to reading or a graduate school assignment.

30 for 30 circuitI also use this app for circuit training. 45 seconds circuit, 15 seconds rest. There is so much possibility!

As a graduate student with an assistantship, it is important for me to be able to prioritize and make time for class reading assignments among many other responsibilities. For typical 8-5 office work, this app offers the ability to schedule anything. For example: breaks, time for emails, and time for social media (very helpful if you manage your organization’s accounts). The app’s features include a pause button and the opportunity to add or subtract time, because interruptions happen!

Do recommend an app or different resource as a task manager? How do you manage time and “get things done”?