Blogging Anniversary

Wordpress AnniversaryRecently, I celebrated my 4 year blogging anniversary with WordPress. WordPress blogs started as a place for me to save and share my favorite quotes. Then it became a place where I blogged about NC State traditions, or even my happenings as student body president. I later used wordpress when writing for

This blog – chandlert – means a lot to me because I started it for myself. About halfway through graduate school I realized that I wanted to have a place to share my thoughts and write about anything and everything. I was also inspired by the blogging community (and certain friends, Eric, Megan D., Megan J., and Evan) to get involved. February 2014 will be the one-year anniversary of posting on, and throughout the past year I have experimented with topics related to higher education and student affairs, written a lot about running, and started to find my blogging voice. I enjoy writing about a variety of topics, and I am really appreciative of all who take the time to read and share opinions on my posts.

Recently I started making updates to the blog while also making plans for what 2014 will look like. I will revist my goal to post weekly in 2014, because although I did pretty good with consistent posts in 2013, there is room to improve. I am most excited about the new favicon in the address bar (I keep wanting to call it a flavicon for some reason?) and signature (below) that my friend Evan helped me create for future blogging adventures. If you are looking for blog help, definitely talk to Evan about ideas! I even downloaded these planning spreadsheets and adapted them to google docs for my personal use. If I stay this organized and motivated it will be a great blogging year.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to the journey into 2014 together!

CET Signature and heart

Why blog?

Now that I have updated this blog for about 8 months, I wanted to take some time to write about why I have a blog. Recently, Lisa Endersby posted “A Blog about Blogging”  on the NASPA Tech KC blog that sparked my reflection. She argues that “we write almost exclusively for ourselves” and I found myself asking…is that true?

I blog for a couple of reasons. First and foremost Lisa’s right, it is for myself. By having a blog I am able to practice and polish my writing skills; I am able to propose ideas and concepts and share it for no one, my mom (I can always count on her!), or the world to read.

Other themes and reasons why I blog are: reflection, connection, & brainstorming. I blog to reflect on ideas as I learn about them. Blogging about my interests allows me to connect to current friends in all parts of the world or new friends who have similar interests. I also use this blog as an avenue for brainstorming, allowing me to articulate my ideas in a written form. Overall my blog is a creative outlet, as Lisa said, a place for self-expression.

Do I also blog for others? Yes, because I blog for positive change, inspiration, and ideas. I hope that my blog posts challenge you, excite you, interest you, and entertain you.

Lastly, I appreciate hearing from one, yes just one, person that my blog post inspired or gave them a new idea. Am I blogging for the world to read? No – but I am blogging in hopes that someone experiences or attempts positive change in their life. 

Do you blog? If so, why? If not, is it something you are interested in starting? Take a few minutes today to think about why you blog or about trying it if you do not already blog.