30/30 – app review

I am a huge fan of productivity applications. It might be is my favorite category in the App Store. Productivity apps and other strategies that help with planning are a “treat” for an “out-of-control” J.

30 for 30 example 2So what is 30/30? It’s a task manager application that helps manage time! This app is the way that I stay focused on class reading assignments and projects but also find time for things that can quickly become “time suckers” such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or blogging.

30/30 is the perfect productivity tool on weekends or days when I have multiple hours and need to devote time to many different projects. I set up a few time rotations based on what I want to get done during the day. When I first started using this app, I realized how much more time I was tempted to spend online (sending emails, searching Twitter, etc.) before going back to reading or a graduate school assignment.

30 for 30 circuitI also use this app for circuit training. 45 seconds circuit, 15 seconds rest. There is so much possibility!

As a graduate student with an assistantship, it is important for me to be able to prioritize and make time for class reading assignments among many other responsibilities. For typical 8-5 office work, this app offers the ability to schedule anything. For example: breaks, time for emails, and time for social media (very helpful if you manage your organization’s accounts). The app’s features include a pause button and the opportunity to add or subtract time, because interruptions happen!

Do recommend an app or different resource as a task manager? How do you manage time and “get things done”?