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Last weekend I drove to Raleigh for an oral history interview with NCSU Libraries. The Student Leadership Initiative Project has grown more than anyone could have ever imagined, and they have an awesome collection of stories from NC State leaders.

Student body president Chandler Thompson talks to students atten

2011 Legacy Luncheon
Photo Credit: NC State

Talking about my year as Student Body President was fun and exciting, but it also reminded me that one of my unfulfilled goals or plans for my term as was to maintain a weekly blog. I blogged a few times for but I really did not prioritize or find the time to consistently collect my thoughts.

My biggest piece of advice for student leaders is write down and record your thoughts. Whether you do it on a blog site, in a paper journal, in Evernote, etc. The method does not matter but having a collection of your written thoughts to piece together memories and experiences from one of the most exciting (and busiest) times of your life will be something special to learn from and cherish.

I wish I had done this, and luckily I have various documents to track my experiences as a student leader. This advice is not just for those in student government, or actually even leadership positions. Everyone has a unique experience in college and life and could benefit from writing. I just wish I had done it more during that special year.

The whole point of this post though is to let you know that the Student Leadership Initiative is awesome, and you should check it out. Maybe one day my stories will be on there too! My favorites and “must watch” recommendations include:

“Girls don’t become student body president” – Cathy Sterling
Adjusting to New Leadership – Dr. Tom Stafford
Tuition Increase Controversy – Tony Caravano and Will Quick

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