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Rep Your Undergrad 2012

Amber (a member of my graduate school cohort) and I compiled a list of things to do in Raleigh, North Carolina for someone we know that just started a new job in the area. Amber and I both graduated from NC State and love the Raleigh area. We collaborated to make a list and this is what we came up with:

  1. Go to a football game at Carter-Finley stadium
  2. Participate in First Friday Raleigh
  3. Explore Pullen Park
  4. Eat at the Farmer’s Market Restaurant
  5. Go to a Carolina Hurricanes game!
  6. Attend the NC State Fair
  7. Sit in the Wolf Ears
  8. Go to a Durham Bulls Baseball game
  9. Go to the NC Arts Museum
  10. Eat and/or socialize at Busy Bee
  11. Enjoy coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Morning Times
  12. Meet friends for drinks at Raleigh Times
  13. Go to North Hills on a Thursday night for the Midtown Beach Music Series
  14. Run in the Krispy Kreme Challenge
  15. Get a Thin Mint Mocha at Global Village
  16. Accomplish the #DTRBucketList
  17. Eat at Boylan Bridge and check out the amazing view of downtown Raleigh

    IMG_2832 - Version 2

    This design is a recent addition to Hillsborough St.

  18. Get a tour of the Belltower from Vice-Chancellor Emeritus Dr. Tom Stafford
  19. Shop at Cameron Village, North Hills, and Crabtree Valley Mall
  20. Attend a show at the Durham Performing Arts Center
  21. Try the new Cowfish restaurant
  22. Paint the Free Expression Tunnel
  23. Eat Howling Cow Ice Cream
  24. Go to museums in Raleigh.
  25. Hillsborough Street Favorites: East Village Grill, Mitch’s Tavern, & Player’s Retreat.
  26. Eat buffalo bites at Sammy’s
  27. Go to a NC State basketball game at the PNC Arena
  28. Explore Hunt Library (and D.H. Hill!)
  29. Travel to the NC coast one weekend
  30. Travel to the NC mountains one weekend
  31. Eat at the Flying Biscuit
  32. Complete all NC State traditions in The Brick
Wolfpack girls

Rep Your Undergrad 2013

One way I stay connected to Raleigh from Athens is by following @RDU_Baton on Instagram.  RDU Baton is a fun photo relay project started by my friend Susannah Brinkley and her friend Brittany Iery. I love being able to see different perspectives of the Triangle each day, and the photos by baton holders usually introduce me to amazing things about the Triangle area I didn’t know about.

I need to travel back to Raleigh because I have not done everything on the bucket list. Amber and I both admit that this is a limited list of the best things to do in Raleigh. What did we forget? What do you love about the Raleigh area?


  1. Tiffany

    So, I’ve been in Raleigh for 5 months and I have completed #1, 4, 6, 11, 19, 23, 28 and 31! Whoop, whoop! Thanks ladies!

    • Chandler Thompson

      Yay! I’m so glad you have been able to make progress on the list. Hope you are loving Raleigh so far! I’ll let you know if I come visit anytime soon :)

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