Race the Bar 8K – Greensboro, NC

When moving to Greensboro, NC for the summer, I wanted to make plans to run at least one race! My dad agreed to run with me; he is an inspiration because of his commitment to training and fitness. He is an ironman, triathlete, marathoner, etc. You name it, he’s probably done it!

The 8K is not a common distance (~5 miles), but I wanted to find one to run this summer. My dad suggested the Race the Bar series because their May race included a 5K and an 8K. The concept for their series is great – they rotate around different bars and restaurants in the Triad. Each race includes a 5K, but there is also an additional race at an increasing distance for races 2-4. You get to choose your distance. The post race event is the best part because you get 2 free beers.


The race was at the Lindley Park Filling Station

Here is the 8K course route:

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We started on the corner of Walker and Elam and then looped around on Walker St again after the first 3K. Once we ran that loop we were directed to the bridge where we crossed over Wendover. Do you see the part of the route on Ardale Pl right before Lindley Park? That little section is literally straight uphill and at the top of the hill there is a cone and we turned around and ran right back down the hill. Torture! That is the one section of the route I think should be changed, because I’m sure the little distance it covered can be added on somewhere else not as steep!

Me and my dad after the finish!

Me and my dad after the race!

After the race they were serving beer from the Olde Hickory Brewery.  I had the Hefe-Weizen unfiltered wheat beer and it was DELICIOUS. I will definitely order it again!Racethebar2

Finally, to top it all off, I finished the race in 42:02 and 3rd in my age group. I would not have finished at this time without my dad running with me and keeping me motivated to keep up my pace. (Thanks Dad!) I ran the first mile too fast and my shoulders really tensed up during the last mile and a half. If I had been alone I would have slowed down. 42:02 is a pr because it’s my first 8K but also very fast for me compared to my 10K time and further proof of how much faster I am after training with the Athens Road Runners. Already miss those 5:30 am track workouts!

Race prize for finishing Top 3

Race prize for finishing Top 3 in my age group!

What is your favorite race distance? I think I like the 8K distance better than 10K! Do you have any fun racing plans this summer?


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