Preparing for SOAR

Last week I posted about being a NODA Intern at UNCG. Throughout the summer I am going to blog about some of the programs and activities going on in the NSSFP (New Student and Spartan Family Program) office at UNCG. This is a way for me to write some thoughts down and share about my NODA experience.

Last week was a very busy week of training for the SOS (Spartan Orientation Staff) after getting Monday off for Memorial Day. A new activity was scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday referred to as “call center.” Using the phones in the NSSFP office and in the UNCG Call Center the SOS called every student registered for SOAR. The script included information about check-in, parking, overnight accommodations  and instructions on payment and registration for a parent/family member or guest. The check-in process is a little complicated and feedback on previous surveys identified confusion from attendees. Although emails are sent out with instructions, this was a new addition to try to alleviate some of the confusion and complications this year.

Call Center in Action

What do you think about this idea? Will this effort of taking the extra step to prepare attendees for SOAR provide a positive customer service experience or do you think the same level of confusion will still exist? Only time will tell! SOAR starts Thursday – I can’t wait!

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