North Carolina State University has always been a huge part of my life. My dad graduated from NC State in 1984 and raised me and my brother to be Wolfpack fans. There was no better place for me to spend my four undergraduate years than in Raleigh, NC. The tradition continues because my step-brother John is an alum and my brother Reeves is a current student! My previous twitter name was @goREDandWHITE; created based on my love for “the red and white from NC State”.  And I’m always willing to talk about NC State.

After moving to Georgia I realized I needed something that would provide stress relief, “me-time”, and self-reflection. I found running. Running gets me out of my apartment in Brumby Hall and on the hilly streets of Athens for a hour or so a day. Although I was a committed soccer player in high school, exercise was the last thing on my to-do list during my junior and senior year of college. The #safit and #runner community on Twitter is an incredible motivator for my journey to sustaining a healthy life. I hope you will join me on my journey to run more miles and a half marathon in 2013.

After two years at NC State I started exploring the possibility of a career in student affairs and higher education. Through my personal student involvement, I uncovered my passion for the student experience. The goal of improving the student experience was the premise of my campaign for Student Body President and it is what I hope to accomplish in my work with students. I am quick to jump around the table with partners and create a plan to change processes or projects for the better. Want to join me?

I am always working hard to make things better than the day before, and always learning! You can often find me exploring or trying out new social media sites. Some days you will find me advocating for administrators or organizations to increase their communication with students via social media. I’m always searching to improve processes by increased technology use. Other days you will find me talking with students about the increased pressure to maintain a certain online presence. I also continue to explore concepts of privacy and the possible negative effects of technology and social media.

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