NODA Internship Recap

My NODA internship at UNCG was an incredibly rewarding experience. Professionally I learned more about the functional area of orientation, 360 degree evaluations, assessment, and recognition event planning. Personally I spent time with my family and friends, lived in the great state of North Carolina again, and met 25 wonderful student SOS, 3 SOCs, and many other student affairs professionals working at UNCG.


Snaps on the last day of Session 8

This internship is now a crucial part of my learning and my graduate program, providing more valuable experience that supplements my assistantship and my practicum at UGA. UNCG truly felt like home for the quick 10 weeks that I worked there.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a NODA intern at UNCG and look forward to applying new skills and strategies to my current role at UGA. Go Spartans!

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