NODA Intern at UNCG

This summer I have the privilege of joining the New Student & Spartan Family Programs team at UNCG. I went through the NODA internship process during my search for a summer internship, which is an academic requirement of the CSAA program at UGA. Students interested in a summer internship in student affairs can also apply through ACUHO-I, ACUI, or reach out to offices and seek out opportunities on their own.

March 2013: I first met the SOS at SROW (Southern Regional Orientation Workshop) in Memphis, Tennessee

March 2013: I first met the SOS at SROW (Southern Regional Orientation Workshop) in Memphis, Tennessee.

I will be helping the office in various ways while living on UNCG’s campus with the Spartan Orientation Staff (SOS). Through my position as the NODA Intern, I will gain experience developing training programs, assisting with the supervision of the SOS, providing on-site support during SOAR (Spartan Orientation, Advising, and Registration), evaluating SOS training, SOAR, etc. and of course, other duties as assigned!



My goals for the summer include:

  • Increase my knowledge in the area of assessment, evaluation, and research.
  • Build meaningful and appropriate relationships with students.
  • Learn as much as I can about UNCG!
  • Research and gain experience in the functional area of Orientation Programs.
  • Explore Greensboro.
  • Find time for myself and keep running! (I think this will be my biggest challenge during SOAR/the month of June)
Heart Walk

The SOCs (Spartan Orientation Coordinators) I work with until the end of June.

SOS picture day 2013

The SOS during picture day.

Do you currently have a summer internship in student affairs? What are your goals this summer? Or if you had a summer internship in the past, do you have any tips to share with current interns?

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