Photo of Chandler as a little girlMy parents laid a strong foundation for financial management from a very early age. As a child, I received an allowance (if I completed my chores) equal to my age. For example: when I was 6 years old I received 6 dollars a week. I think it was weekly? I might need to check with mom and dad on this one… Anyway, with that 6 dollars I was allowed to use $4 for spending and I had to put $1 in savings and $1 in giving (for church). I had a cute piggybank with 3 separate areas for all of this cash. This continued every year and the ratio did change depending on my age and my allowance. In addition, my dad (a Certified Financial Planner with Wells Fargo Advisors) put into place a couple other financial practices.

One example is when I wanted to go to Europe with my senior history class, we drew up a monthly savings plan that involved me saving a certain amount. If I met my goals, he would reward me with the other half of the money needed to go on the trip! I still have that plan (see below) and although I didn’t finish filling out the paper I was able to save enough money to go on the trip.

written savings plan

Fast forward to 2014 – I graduated from the University of Georgia and moved to Greensboro to be on my own and not in school for the first time EVER. I was lucky to get a job at Elon University right after graduating, but it wasn’t Laughing photo of Chandlerquite the salary I was expecting (is it ever?!). I lived at home for the first few months, but I knew once I got an apartment with bills adding up I would need a money management system. I made an account on Mint and started tracking my spending. Having a tracking system is the reason that I am not in debt today. I paid off my car loan early, I am currently saving for a house, and I still like to have fun!

I am sick of watching friends and others struggle with debt. I want to help make your money work for you! It’s time to say goodbye to the stress and anxiety that comes from money. I created Cha Ching with Chan after helping multiple friends change their financial habits and start reaching their goals. Contact me to discuss your options today!