My parents laid a strong foundation for financial management from a very early age. As a child, I received an allowance (if I completed my chores) equal to my age. For example: when I was 6 years old I received 6 dollars a week. I think it was weekly? I might need to check with mom and dad on this one… Anyway, with that 6 dollars I was allowed to use $4 for spending and I had to put $1 in savings and $1 in giving (for church). I actually had a cute piggybank with 3 separate areas. This continued every year and the ratio did change depending on how much money I was getting. In addition, my dad (a Certified Financial Planner with Wells Fargo Advisors) put into place a couple other financial practices. Another example is when I wanted to go to Europe with my senior history class, we drew up a monthly savings plan that involved me saving a certain amount. If I met my goals, he would reward me with the other half of the money needed to go on the trip!

Fast forward to 2014 – I graduated from the University of Georgia and moved to Greensboro to be on my own and not in school for the first time EVER. I was lucky to get a job at Elon University right after graduating, but it wasn’t quite the salary I was expecting (is it ever?!). I lived at home for the first few months, but I knew once I got an apartment with bills adding up, I made an account on Mint and started tracking my spending. Having a tracking system is the reason that I am not in debt today. I paid off my car loan early, I am currently saving for a house, and I still like to have fun!

I am sick of watching friends and others struggle with debt. I want to help make your money work for you! It’s time to say goodbye to the stress and anxiety that comes from money.

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