Monthly Moment: May 2015

Greensboro Yoga Image

My monthly moment for May is a picture I took at a free outdoor yoga class in Greensboro this month. I picked this image because this was a perfect day with my friend Jessi. The yoga class relaxed me and I was excited to be taking part in activities like this outside. Fitness by the Fountain is just another reason I love Greensboro!

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Moment: May 2015

  1. There’s a community yoga class in Atlanta every Tuesday hosted by King of Pops. TONS of people show up so its a great way to meet others with similar interests. When you’re in town we’ll have to try it out! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Way to get out and about! I’ve always found yoga with friends deepens relationships. I hope you and Jessi had a great time out and about. Keep up the great work!

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