iPhone5 running armband review

As my running frequency increased so did my interest in logging my miles. 403 miles so far this year means I am already over my 250 mile goal for 2013!

Yes, I used to run with this in my hand? Thank you technology for the updated running companions

Can you believe I used to run with this CD player? Thank you technology for the updated running companions for music!

When I started out I used the Nike app on my iPod nano. This app logs miles by accelerometer so it is not a precise measure of distance.

Yes, it's RED! I love that the iPod Nano is small and clips right onto my shorts for a quick run with music

Yes, it’s RED! Just like the CD player. A common theme in my life. I love that the iPod Nano is small and clips right onto my shorts for a quick run with music

As I gained interest in logging miles via GPS, I started taking my phone on my longer runs. Nike+ added a feature in December 2012 allowing competitions between friends. I love competing with others in a friendly way for the most miles per month on Nike+!

I decided to write about phone armbands because I have had horrible luck finding a good one. Maybe this will help before you purchase one. Here are my thoughts on the various armbands I have tried this year (unknown, New Balance, and Tune Belt):


From left to right, armband #1, armband #2, and armband #3


Way too big! See those safety pins?

1) I don’t even know what brand this armband is because it was a gift from a friend. The funny thing is it did not fit on my arm. Yes…I have tiny arms. So I highly recommend checking the band size with your arm before purchasing one.

Broken screen on New Balance armband

Broken screen on New Balance armband

2) I bought armband #3 (New Balance brand) at Target one day desperate to have an arm band that actually fit my arm before going on trips to SROW and NASPA. Guess what? It only lasted 3 runs before breaking. This armband was flimsy and I do not recommend it.


3) I currently use the TuneBelt brand and the box for this one is featured in the back of the picture. This armband works very well and fits my arm perfectly. My OtterBox does not fit, so I always have to take my OtterBox off before I run which can be a hassle. I worry about sweating through the fabric and often put my phone in a plastic bag to protect it from elements. If it was raining it would not be protected by just the armband.

Using my Tunebelt armband in DC!

Running with my Tunebelt armband in DC!

A GPS watch (it is about time to invest) is definitely on my wish list as well as an armband that fits my iPhone5 with its OtterBox. What do you think of your phone armband? Or do you have GPS watch suggestions? I need to do a lot of research before I purchase my watch!


  1. I’m curious what TuneBelt you got because my current one is a TB and its fits with my Otterbox! How strange.

    And yes – my advice is just to read up on your watches. Figure what you MUST have it do, what you WANT it to do, and what things you don’t care about. My Garmin 110 is perfect because I wasn’t big (am still not) into cross-training, so I didn’t care if it also did bike mileage or could go underwater for a swim. It does pace (overall pace, though, mind you), mileage and HR if you want. Just read up. A lot. :)

    • cethomp2

      Hmm.. I bought my TuneBelt at the Cooper River Expo – they had an iPhone 4 there that fit an Otterbox (Jane bought it) but not one for an iPhone 5. I just went ahead and purchased it, but I know they offer it for iPhone 5 because I have seen it on Amazon. Can’t go without my Otterbox for long…not smart with my clumsiness.

      Thanks Megan! I’ll keep you posted on the watch purchase! Safe travels to CA :)

  2. tmp

    My wife bought me a GPS watch for my birthday, because I kept going for runs in different neighborhoods while my kids were at various activities like baseball and choir practice. I kept getting lost and leaving my kids waiting unattended for me to find my way back. Unfortunately, a GPS watch doesn’t tell you where to go, only where you have been. Having said that, it might be the coolest gift she has ever given me. It tracks all my runs, with elevation, exact distances, calories burned and downloads both into the Nike+ system and syncs into DailyMile. I know they are not cheap, but I highly, highly recommend them. The only drawback is that it only tracks runs and walks. If I do a five-mile workout on the elliptical, there is no way to record it in Nike+. That’s why I still sync all workouts with DailyMile.

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