Greensboro Gobbler – Greensboro, NC

On Thanksgiving Day I ran the Greensboro Gobbler with my dad and brother. This was my second time running the race. It has become a family tradition that I am really excited about.

2012 Greensboro Gobbler picture of Chandler, her dad, and her brother.

2012 Greensboro Gobbler

Last year, the Greensboro Gobbler was part of the start of my interest in running and races. I did a Color Run and the Greensboro Gobbler all in one week and was hooked.

I thought that the course would be 2 loops around Country Park like last year, but it was a new course. Temperatures were freezing and we jogged from the car to the race start, arriving 1 minute before time to go. It was probably good that we got there right on time, because we did not stand around in the freezing temperatures for very long at all.

There were so many people in the race this year! The course was very crowded. We spent the whole first mile weaving around walkers and runners. Next year the organizers should consider corrals or at least encouraging walkers to start at the back. With the new course they were able to accept more registrants. At least 2732 people signed up (the most ever), and 1886 finished the race. The cold temperatures might have kept some of the registrants away.

Chandler, her dad, and her brother at the 2013 race finish.

2013 Greensboro Gobbler

I ran most of the race with my dad and brother. This is the one 5K my brother does every year, and he still beat me! The last mile was very hard, and I’m proud of my finishing time and the chance to run with my family.

My offical time was 26:23, not a PR but over 3 minutes faster than my 2012 time, 29:49. It was cold outside but I warmed up quick, learning in the future not to wear cold-gear Under Armor even for races on very cold days.

Did you participate in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day this year? How was it?

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