Goals for 2014

Blogging is an outlet to share my thoughts (on higher education or a random topic) but throughout the past year I also discovered that this blog holds me accountable towards my goals.

picture of UGA, 2014 GoalsLast year I set goals and this year I decided to continue the tradition. I am focusing on three categories in 2014: health & fitness, personal, and professional. Since I graduate in May, this is a pretty major year for professional goals.

If you are interested, below are my goals for 2014. I have not picked the half marathons yet so if you have any ideas let me know! I am thinking about doing a RnR one (maybe in Nashville). I think running 900 miles is a stretch goal but I am going to try for it!

I am starting the book challenge with The Happiness Project, recommended by friends Chelsea and Veronica. Also, to help with my reading goal I joined the Goodreads community. Add me if you have a Goodreads account! Although it is hard not to be anxious about the job search, I am excited and ready to find (and start) my first professional job in 2014. Lastly, my first CAMPUSPEAK workshop is scheduled for March and I could not be more excited to pilot the new workshop! Cheers to 2014!



  • Run 900 miles in 2014
  • Finish 2 half marathons
  • Workout 4x a week, including going to the gym once a week


  • Blog once a week!
  • Write 5 handwritten notes a month
  • Read 12 books (Not quite #52in52, but a good start)


  • Find a job for post-graduation in May 2014 (Pretty big goal!!)
  • Finish training and start facilitating CAMPUSPEAK workshops

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