30/30 – app review

I am a huge fan of productivity applications. It might be is my favorite category in the App Store. Productivity apps and other strategies that help with planning are a “treat” for an “out-of-control” J.

30 for 30 example 2So what is 30/30? It’s a task manager application that helps manage time! This app is the way that I stay focused on class reading assignments and projects but also find time for things that can quickly become “time suckers” such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or blogging.

30/30 is the perfect productivity tool on weekends or days when I have multiple hours and need to devote time to many different projects. I set up a few time rotations based on what I want to get done during the day. When I first started using this app, I realized how much more time I was tempted to spend online (sending emails, searching Twitter, etc.) before going back to reading or a graduate school assignment.

30 for 30 circuitI also use this app for circuit training. 45 seconds circuit, 15 seconds rest. There is so much possibility!

As a graduate student with an assistantship, it is important for me to be able to prioritize and make time for class reading assignments among many other responsibilities. For typical 8-5 office work, this app offers the ability to schedule anything. For example: breaks, time for emails, and time for social media (very helpful if you manage your organization’s accounts). The app’s features include a pause button and the opportunity to add or subtract time, because interruptions happen!

Do recommend an app or different resource as a task manager? How do you manage time and “get things done”?

iStudiez – app review

I love calendars, planning, and lists. I frequently tell people that syllabus day is my favorite day of class. There is something refreshing to me about receiving a syllabus and being able to put all important dates on a calendar. (or in a planner, or wherever works for you!) This interest of mine probably has something to do with my Myers-Briggs type (I am an ESTJ). The J preference is slightly “out-of-control” and I am trying to establish better type balance between J&P.

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I want to share my favorite app for keeping track of classes and school assignments. I started using iStudiez last semester and it is an amazing app for students! At the beginning of the semester I put all of my classes, assignments, and tests in iStudiez. Then I can easily go to iStudiez and sort my assignments to see what is due each week. This allows me to look up class readings and due dates in one central location. With iStudiez I am able to make sure that I keep track and complete everything due for class on time!

This is the course view for assignments on my iPhone

This is the course view for assignments on my iPhone

My favorite feature is the assignments view. It allows assignments to be sorted by due date, course, or priority. There is also an overview feature that shows events from my Outlook calendar, but I don’t find it as useful as the assignments tool. I downloaded this app for my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It is $2.99 for iPhone/iPad and $9.99 for the Mac app. If you have a strict budget, the iPhone/iPad app offers all of the features of the Mac version. I appreciate having the option to look at the assignments while working on my computer, so I am glad I bought both versions.

Only 45 assignments left this semester. yay!

Only 45 assignments left this semester. yay!

My cohort member Evan told me about iStudiez last September, and I wanted to blog about it and share it as a potential planner and resource. It might be useful for other #SAgrads or students who are looking for a new way to stay organized.

How do you keep track of assignments and due dates? Do you use iStudiez? Are there other apps that help you stay on top of responsibilities or is a paper planner still the best tool for you?