2013 Goal Recap

Last December I set goals, not resolutions, for the year 2013. My goals fell in two categories: Health/Fitness and Personal. I am excited to turn annual goal-setting into a tradition. Setting goals helped me make small (and big) positive changes in my life. So on the last day of 2013 I am taking a look back on the past year. How did I do?

I started running in the fall of 2012 when I moved to Georgia for graduate school. I set a goal to continue running and log 250 total miles in 2013. Guess what? I overachieved on the running goal and ran 830 miles in 2013! I’m amazed at the amount of running I did, with September (the month before my half marathon) being my highest month, a total of 98 miles! I also set goals to run a 10K and a half marathon. I met both of those goals and even finished with a sub-2 time on my first half! These accomplishments will be tough to beat in 2014.

race collage

830 miles – 1 half marathon – 3 10ks – 1 8k – 4 5ks

My personal goals did not get as much attention as my health and fitness goals. I saved $500 in 2013, but I wanted to save $100 a month. Saving $100 a month would have meant collecting a savings of $1200 dollars. I also withdrew money from savings to pay for my fall graduate school fees. Savings is overall something that I can improve on in future years.

I did not keep a professional journal as planned, but I went to 2 concerts and stayed in touch with friends. It has been difficult to stay in touch with friends from a distance, especially with everyone getting settled in jobs and graduate school, but I made intentional efforts to text, call, tweet, and visit my friends more often in 2013!

5 pictures of me and friends

middle right photo by Carrie Richardson Fry

My last personal goal was to blog regularly (once a week). I posted 54 blog posts (including this one) in 2013. Although they were not as evenly spread out as I hoped, especially during my summer NODA internship, I am excited to continue the posting momentum started during the first year of this blog.

Thanks for reading my 2013 recap! What were your goals for the past year? Share your accomplishments below. Let’s celebrate 2013 together…

Happy New Year!

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